Wole Soyinka Lectures

Texts & Videos of the lecture themes, NAS Capns’ Welcome Messages, Chairs’ Opening Remarks and Prof Wole Soyinka’s Keynote Messages to the lecture series.

Nautical Greetings, and welcome to the 1st Annual Wole Soyinka Lecture. This is our own way of acknowledging the achievements … Read More

I welcome you all to this distinguished gathering, and I am sure you all know why I particularly enjoy being … Read More

On 29 June 2005, Professor Soyinka wrote, in United Kingdom’s version of “The Guardian”, an article that he titled “A … Read More

Lecture took a discussion format, which included Wole Soyinka. Discussions were based on the documentary on campus cults that was … Read More

It is yet another edition of the annual Wole Soyinka Lecture. The lecture series was inaugurated in 1994, the year … Read More