Wole Soyinka Lectures

Texts & Videos of the lecture themes, NAS Capns’ Welcome Messages, Chairs’ Opening Remarks and Prof Wole Soyinka’s Keynote Messages to the lecture series.

I chose this topic because of a number of reasons. Obviously there are various levels of responsibility and culpability for … Read More

From my knowledge after the Darfur initiative last year, this is the first forum that Africans have actually put together … Read More

I will begin by stating that as a historian, I would like to provide some perspective on Darfur – a … Read More

I like to begin with a quotation from a member of a pop band in Sudan. His name is Ali … Read More

Discussion Guide:

The ‘Trouble with Nigeria’?
The Thesis
The State of Africa and Human Security
Leadership Challenges, Attributes, Followers
The MDGs, 7-point Agenda, Vision 2020
The … Read More

Good afternoon friends and compatriots. It is with the deepest gratitude that I stand here with the privilege of giving … Read More

I am always delighted when I have to speak on corruption because that’s what I have been hired to do. … Read More

Ahoy CB! Ahoy Capon of NAS! Ahoy Seadogs! Adolfi Barracuda of “Jolly Rogers 1 Deck” reporting! Salutations to our “lubbish” … Read More