Wole Soyinka Lectures

Texts & Videos of the lecture themes, NAS Capns’ Welcome Messages, Chairs’ Opening Remarks and Prof Wole Soyinka’s Keynote Messages to the lecture series.

From my knowledge after the Darfur initiative last year, this is the first forum that Africans have actually put together … Read More

I will begin by stating that as a historian, I would like to provide some perspective on Darfur – a … Read More

I like to begin with a quotation from a member of a pop band in Sudan. His name is Ali … Read More

Discussion Guide:

The ‘Trouble with Nigeria’?
The Thesis
The State of Africa and Human Security
Leadership Challenges, Attributes, Followers
The MDGs, 7-point Agenda, Vision 2020
The … Read More

Good afternoon friends and compatriots. It is with the deepest gratitude that I stand here with the privilege of giving … Read More

I am always delighted when I have to speak on corruption because that’s what I have been hired to do. … Read More

Ahoy CB! Ahoy Capon of NAS! Ahoy Seadogs! Adolfi Barracuda of “Jolly Rogers 1 Deck” reporting! Salutations to our “lubbish” … Read More