Wole Soyinka Lectures

Texts & Videos of the lecture themes, NAS Capns’ Welcome Messages, Chairs’ Opening Remarks and Prof Wole Soyinka’s Keynote Messages to the lecture series.

Permit me to begin by thanking the organizers of the Wole Soyinka Annual Lecture, the National Association of Seadogs … Read More

Corruption is defined as (i) moral perversion (ii) perversion of integrity. Crusade: any vigorous, aggressive movement for the defense or … Read More

On behalf of the National Association of Seadogs, Pyrates Confraternity, I welcome you from all over the world to the … Read More

Ahoy Seadogs – (and all Listening, and Educable Lubbers!)

This message comes to you from the bustling riverine town of Sapele … Read More